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VAT returns

Next to validating your VAT data in compliance with EU VAT law, we also check possible anomalies and VAT liabilities. Based on your data and specific business needs and logic, we file your VAT returns, all additional returns such as SAF-T, VAT books and annuals, providing you with crystal clear overviews of your VAT amounts and data feedback along the way. This allows you to clearly oversee the situation when approving your returns, leaving you in control

Fiscal representation

As we take care of your VAT compliance, we can also take care of the fiscal representation obligations. We facilitate this for all countries where we handle your VAT compliance.

Compliance scans

You might wonder whether your current filings are compliant or need to know where exactly to improve in order to be compliant. We offer an effortless compliance scan where all you need to do is provide us with the data that you’re using for your VAT and / or Intrastat compliance. Our state of the art tax technology will assess your data on format, consistency, content and logic. We will assemble an overview with a country by country risk assessment and improvements needed in order to get compliant. This service is standard in our onboarding plan for new customers, but also available as stand-alone service.


Data is the core of our business. If we already handle your compliance, you will know we provide structural feedback on possible issues and risks and offer advisory based on your business specific data. Not outsourcing yet? We also offer advisory as a stand-alone service. Our focus points are international trade in goods and services, supply chain and restructuring hereof and helping you get a clear overview of where registrations are needed and return / administrative obligations are due.

Looking for Intrastat services?

Specialized knowledge in Intrastat compliance and VAT alignment, we provide:

  • Timely and accurate filing of your Intrastat returns in all EU countries
  • Fast, direct and proactive communication
  • Clear insight into your compliance files and obligations
  • Transparent and competitive pricing for excellent service